iOS 10 Maps vs. Google Maps: Which Guides The Best? – Tom’s Guide

A comparison between Google Maps and iOS 10 Maps yields a number of differences. Google Maps features a dense layout while the Apple product offers larger print and buttons. Google Maps has a better information query system than iOS 10 Maps which occasionally sends you on tangents. In this comparison the overall winner remained Google Maps.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google Maps, the long-standing king of the mountain, offers a tried-and-true interface that is easy to use, but Apple Maps earns points for how much it offers in its launch screen.
  • While both Apple Maps and Google Maps allow you to share your current location via email, text and other apps, it’s slightly easier to do this on Apple Maps, where you get a share button by simply tapping on the blue dot that represents your location.
  • Apple Maps failed a major evaluation during testing. Apple Maps, though, gave me directions to the city of Central Park in Washington state when I asked Siri the same query.

“And while Apple is quick to promote the new extensions and features like added pit stops (which Google Maps added months ago), questions still remain as to whether iPhone users can rely on Apple’s app for direction assistance.”