If One Automaker Can Let the Public Name a Model, Why Not Others?

Has Volkswagen run out of ideas for names for their vehicles? It wouls seem so, as they have turned to Twitter fans and audiences to allow them to name the upcoming SUV model they are about to release. It may seem ballsy, but then again it may take away that disconnect and cause an influx of customers by a touch base effect with people.

Key Takeaways:

  • There’s only one rule for naming suggestions: the 2018 SUV must have a name derived from Spanish geography, much like existing models.
  • While Seat’s hashtag campaign runs until June 22, the effort has already yielded mixed results.
  • In all likelihood, Seat already has its own list of favorites, making this hashtag campaign an exercise in weighing its own thoughts versus the public’s.

“Imagine, an automaker asking its fans what name they’d like to see on their seven-seater.”