If Hillary Clinton seizes the White House, it will be an illegitimate, null and void THEFT of power… democracy OBLITERATED… America a FAILED state

This year’s presidential race is starting to become bigger and bigger as the headlines are slamming the news left and right. In all my years, I can’t remember when a race has seemed more important. Keeping that in mind circulation follows Clinton in stating her massive fraud and corruption on every level. Wikileaks has even reported that with the primary being rigged, Clinton is stealing the White House. Read on to learn more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Every element of this election is so rigged, so illegal and so fraudulent that if Hillary Clinton “wins” this vote, the Presidency of the United States will be null and void
  • What’s clear right now is that democrats hate democracy. They despise a free and fair election because they don’t trust the voters to elect democrats unless massive fraud is involved
  • To seize the White House and put Hillary Clinton in power, democrats have abandoned every principle of fair elections, invoking a “win at all costs

“Without all the fraud, collusion and corruption, Hillary Clinton would have been indicted for criminal violations of national security.”