I used yahoo maps to plan my trip

When I embarked on planning for my three week road trip, yahoo maps became part and parcel of my plans. Every time I sat down to locate places, I kept my yahoo windows open. I was able to gauge how far I needed to travel every day in order to get to my destination early enough. I scrolled through the map to find cities and places to stay. Since then, yahoo maps have become a fixture in planning my vacations, regardless of whether it is a day’s trip or even a longer trip.

Basics about Yahoo Maps

When you visit the Yahoo Maps page, you will see two boxes that are each  labeled A and B. In the first box, you are  to type in the starting point and address while in the second box you key in your destination. Yahoo will then provide a map which you can zoom out or in plus step by step directions including the total miles and the estimated time that you can take to travel. Over time, I have come to find these travel times to be surprisingly accurate. You can save as many favorite locations as you like if you have a yahoo ID.  This allows you to quickly key in your work, home or any other regular locations with just a single click.

Complementary Features

Yahoo Maps collaborates with Yahoo Local to provide you with more information about local businesses. For instance, if you may be driving along a route and you would like to stop to have some lunch or refill your tank, you can make use of the ‘find a business on this map’ tab to show all the available options.  If you choose the choice to see the results as a list, you are also able to see other user reviews about the businesses. Regardless of whether you have a specific hotel in your mind or you are just carrying out a general search, Yahoo Maps will help you to accurately prepare for your trip.  Better still, there is a classic Yahoo Maps look that is available for use in slow web connection areas or for dial-up users.

For Vacation Planning

When I began my vacation trip, the first thing I did was to point out and mark key routes from one hotel to another. I wanted to have all the basic information available plus the ease with which I can find the places. When it came to visiting destinations between cities, I would also map them out as well. With the help of Yahoo Maps, I was excited to find and visit several National Parks.

I also came up with a travel binder for this trip. It had the list of things that I needed to do, reservation confirmations and also the maps. I had to print out maps between hotels and also those of the specific destinations that I was eager to see and put them in the binder as well. Though I had many spontaneous adventures during the vacation, the fact that I was well prepared made me feel more confident and allowed me not to miss a single bit of my tour.


Yahoo Maps only provide the key routes to get from one place to another, but unlike mapquest  it does not offer alternatives. If there happens to be a problem with construction or traffic, you may need to look for a different map or just deal with the problem.

Using Yahoo Maps is the most efficient way to help you in getting prepared for your next vacation or even find a building in your city. It is quite easy to use and has no technicalities hence providing accurate directions to wherever you may need to go.

+Ronald Edwards