Hyundai to join tiny-crossover fray with Kona

Hyundai’s newest addition to it’s crossover line, the Kona, is set to hit the market in Korea in 2018. Looking to “set new standards,” the new look of the Kona will be the template for even more additions to Hyundai’s crossover collection. With a six-speed automatic transmission, and the option of front wheel drive, the Kona is sure to be a hit once it is released.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Hyundai showed off its fourth crossover model on Tuesday and Americans can expect to see this car, called “KONA”, in 2018.
  • Subcompact cars are gaining much popularity, not only across Asia, but in the United States, where sales are expected to rise, as they did by 14 percent this past May.
  • Physically, this car is a sleek “outdoorsy” looking car, with daytime headlights, and turn signals at the top of the grille. Also, plastic cladded bumpers and an arched wheel, add to this outdoorsy look.

“”When the Kona goes on sale in the U.S. next year it will join one of the fastest-growing and crucial segments in the industry””