How to use Google Maps without internet connection, and 6 other tips – CBS News

“How to use Google Maps without Internet connection, and 6 other tips – CBS news” is a useful article for the most of us — or that is, for people who have a hard time with directions, and always have to use their GPS to figure out where they’re going. But what if the GPS is wrong? Fine, turn to some other app. But for when you just don’t have an internet connection, there’s these 6 tips to help you make it there right…

Key Takeaways:

  • You can call yourself “directionally challenged” all you want, but if you have a smartphone there’s no excuse for getting lost
  • Google Maps boasts more than 1 billion users worldwide.
  • Short on change? Then you may want to avoid paying a toll when you’re cruising along the highway

“All you have to do is type in your destination and Google Maps will get you there – in a car, on a bus or subway, on a bicycle or even on your own two feet.”