How the world’s poorer countries breathe worse air, in charts and maps – Washington Post

These days there is a big push to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions. India just signed the Paris Agreement to promote this drive. But many people are overlooking that the poorer countries of the world are still breathing polluted air. It is up to the governments who signed this agreement to ensure that these developing countries do not continue to pollute their air, damaging all the efforts this Agreement is trying to accomplish.

Key Takeaways:

  • If worthiness is measured by being able to live in a world where the air one breathes does not spread disease and blacken one’s lungs, then we are far from it.
  • A World Health Organization report last week said that 92 percent of people worldwide breathe unhealthy air.
  • The air-pollution crisis is most dire, however, in China’s industrial heartland, and in South Asia’s Indo-Gangetic Plain.

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