How Rand McNally made my trip to Denver a breeze

Last month I needed to make the trip from my home in Salt lake City to Denver, this may be straightforward to some but it was my first trip so was in need of directions. On top of that this was an important journey, the first of what may be many business trips to the city, and I therefore needed good directions that would ensure I got there easily, there was no room for error. A friend of mine, realising my dilemma and lack of confidence when it comes to all things technical, told me I should get my directions from Rand McNally.

Not quite sure where to begin I went straight to their website. The homepage was straightforward in terms of navigation, the ‘maps and directions’ page that I needed was easy to find, with a link in the bar at the top of the page and separate link below. It turns out had I just typed in maps.randmcnally.com this would have also worked, but at least I know for next time. From there I was given the option of classic or beta

As a novice I started with classic. There was a basic map with routes and scale on my right that was easy to interpret, at first just state lines and cities were displayed but by dragging the map to an area of interest and using the slider I found detailed, individually named streets. Along the left was the numbered list giving the roads, turnings and distances needed to reach my destination. The information in this box could then be changed to show necessary features for travellers. This proved useful for me, clicking on the link for the hotel I planned to stay in that night gave me the chance to read reviews for it and provided easy to follow directions.

With the ease of my use of classic maps, I decided to brave their beta version to see what else it could offer me. The set up was almost identical except for the satellite and hybrid options for the map – satellite providing the benefit of seeing the route and landscape as it really was.

Using Rand McNally made my journey simple, the directions I was given turned out to be accurate and the time given for the trip of 7hrs 24mins wasn’t far off either. The tools provided made finding everywhere I intended to go simple, having the information about my hotel not only got me there in good time to check in but I could also go there with my mind at ease about the quality. What made the trip even easier was the satellite option, having the visual aids of seeing the route and destination made driving there feel familiar, like this wasn’t my first trip at all. Also, should I be required to return to Denver, the site has saved my directions so they are easy for me to find again.

+Ronald Edwards