How I was able to enjoy California

When my cousins wanted to go on a road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco, I knew right away that I was going to attend. However, when we realized how hard it was to actually get up there, I decided to get the driving directions myself. I used to useĀ map quest to get the directions and it was certainly worth it. My friends were very impressed as they thought that I just knew how to get to San Francisco on my own but it was actually because of map quest. So when it was my turn to drive, I was able to know the driving directions without asking any of my friends.

Bakersfield Fun

When I was looking at the map that I brought, I realized that it would be a good idea to stop by Bakersfield to simply take a break. It was nice to simply just enjoy the time with our friends and we looked around for some good places to eat. Luckily, I was able to scout for good places on the Internet before we left LA and so it really seemed like I knew my way around. It was truly a nice feeling and I felt like the tour guide.

Getting To San Francisco

When we got to San Francisco, it was certainly a different feel compared to Los Angeles. The weather was a lot colder and we were able to really enjoy the outdoors more. I took them to Berkeley where we were able to enjoy Grizzly’s Peak. This is a small and often overlooked spot in Northern California and I was just happy to show them this place. We stayed atop Grizzly Peak for about 4 hours just telling scary stories and it was certainly a highlight of our trip.

Touring Santa Clara

We were then told that Great America in Santa Clara was a good tourist spot and so we made our way to the city that was about an hour away. It was certainly a nice city and the theme park was really exciting. Though the driving directions did not show us how to get there, I was still able to use map quest on my phone to be able to get there. The rides were very enjoyable and we were able to take hundreds of pictures in the theme park. The problem that people have is that they do not know about these hidden gems in Northern California.

The trip ended and we were really missing the San Francisco area. I really enjoyed everything about the area and people tend to just forget about Northern California as a real legit tourist spot. There has always been a rivalry between Northern and Southern California and so it was nice to break this thought within my friends. They loved San Francisco and we plan to visit again in the near future. Unfortunately, my memory is quite bad and so i’ll be using the driving directions once again once we decide to go back up there.

+Ronald Edwards