Horner: Verstappen stayed strong during Red Bull F1 rough patch

Verstappen, a top Dutch F1 racer, was able to finish strong this year. He recently signed back on with Red Bull team even though they and he had a less than stellar previous year. He had some disappointing finishes, but with better design and added aggression on the track, he was able to control a majority of his finishes and races.

Key Takeaways:

  • Verstappan had engine failure in August, starting a streak of bad luck
  • Red bull improved the car and he signed an extension to his contract with them
  • If you work hard, and maintain a positive attitude, good things will come your way

“Horner says Verstappen has found a good balance between matching his brilliant car control with the right level of aggression in 2017, despite several collisions, including taking Ricciardo out of July’s Hungarian GP and tangling with Felipe Massa’s Williams at Monza in September.”