He Collected 12000 Road Maps—Now We’re Discovering Their Secrets – National Geographic

Do you have something that you are obsessed with? Most people do but one man’s obsession with maps might get put to better use. Robert Berlo has collected over thousands of maps, 12,000 to be exact, and now those maps are helping to uncover secrets of their own. To learn more about these maps and how they are helping researchers, read more here.

Key Takeaways:

  • Robert Berlo got hooked on maps at an early age
  • By the time Berlo died in 2012 at 71 he’d amassed more than 12,000 roadmaps and atlases
  • When Mark was a boy, Berlo would plan out the best route for family trips and figure out the best places to stop for gas

““He always had a set of maps in the car,” she says. “He could read them while driving and fold them back up while driving.””