Gurgaon: Bar owners use Google Maps to measure distance from highway – Hindustan Times

The Supreme Court directions to ban sale of liquor within 500m of state and national highways has an impact on establishments within this red zone. However, the advocate general of Haryana explained that drivable distance not aerial is to be used. This led bar and restaurant owners to use various means from technical teams to apps like Google Maps to determine the drivable distance of their establishment from the highway in hopes of maintaining their liquor licenses. Still, some confusion remains and officials have not yet made their decisions public.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new law stipulates that businesses in India must not serve liquor when located a specified distance from the highway.
  • This new law has Indian proprietors of eating and drinking establishments, scrambling to get technical support and mapping expertise from Google.
  • Litigation is in play to overturn the law, yet in the meanwhile Indian business men work to find out if they are exempt.

“Many of the pubs and bar owners have roped in technical persons to find out the distance from the edge of the highway to their establishments.”