Google Maps solves the nagging ‘What’s your ETA?’ problem – CNNMoney

ETA means estimated time of arrival. People ask about it when they want to know when you’ll be there. It helps them plan. Google Maps now helps you give them an accurate answer. This is helpful for everyone who is trying to plan. This is just one more helpful feature of Google Maps. There are already so many. It’s such a great application.

Key Takeaways:

  • On Wednesday, Google announced a Maps update that adds a new location-sharing feature.
  • The update gives people the option to share their real-time whereabouts, and their travel routes, with select contacts for a chosen time period.
  • Google also introduced a “share trip” feature which provides contacts with the trip route and ETA.

“Google wants to help people answer those age-old (and tiresome) questions — without using any words at all.”