Google Maps reunites mentally ill man with family – Mumbai Mirror

This past February, a mentally unstable man was brought into Kalyan hospital with his memory wiped; he could only remember his name. Mangal Mishra had found the man bleeding badly and rescued him. Mishra took the man to the hospital, but his memory issues persisted. Mishra and a hospital social worker soon identified the man’s language as Bihar, and they began using Google Maps for signs of his past life. It worked. In a few days, the patient will be reunited with his family.

Key Takeaways:

  • Businessman, social worker take help of navigation tool to locate village of accident victim, who landed up in Kalyan, in Bihar.
  • But for Ritilesh Rishi, a 23-year old mentally unstable accident victim, Google’s navigation tool proved to be a real godsend.
  • Two good Samaritans, after trying to find his details for more than 10 days, were able to finally trace his home in Bihar using the map service.

“Google Maps are known to bail out many of us whenever we can’t find our way to a destination.”