Google Maps is solving one of the biggest headaches for city drivers with its new feature – INSIDER

Parking is one of the biggest challenges for city driving, Google maps has a new feature that helps you decide wether or not to park at your destination or further away. You can only get this information if you are using the driving option on the App. A P label appears under driving directions and it will tell you if parking is limited in the area. The feature is only available on Android devices but should be ready for IOS users soon.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google maps can now help you find parking through a new feature that is available for Android users.
  • This Google Maps feature uses historical data to predict parking situations in large cities.
  • This article provides detailed instruction on how to update and utilize the new parking feature.

“If you use Google Maps to find the best route to wherever you’re driving, you can now use it to get an idea of what the parking situation will be like upon your arrival, too.”