Google Maps Could Be Alphabet’s Next Big Revenue Opportunity – TheStreet.com

Google Maps latest enhancement is Lists – a feature that allows users to assign their favorite locations to self-defined categories. It’s only the latest step in the evolution of Maps from an add-on to a revenue center. With over one billion Maps users and an ever-increasing share of e-commerce funneling through smartphones, the potential is enormous.

Key Takeaways:

  • Much like Google Chrome, Google Maps is a widely-used Alphabet/Google (GOOGL) product whose strategic value isn’t always given the appreciation it deserves.
  • But this might start to change in the coming quarters as Google better taps into Maps’ tremendous ability.
  • To both provide location and interest data on its billion-plus users, and to directly act as a local ad platform.

“On Monday, Google announced it’s giving Maps users the ability to bookmark their favorite places, as well as “starred places” and places they want to visit.”