Google Maps Can Now Tell How Nightmarish Parking Will Be – LA Magazine

A new feature in Google Maps will help you find parking or rather, it will mentally prepare you for how difficult it will be to find a parking space at your destination. Google says it’s now using historical parking data to calculate a parking difficulty score, which will be displayed in Google Maps’ directions card as Limited, Medium, or Easy, depending on the parking situation in that area.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new Google Maps feature will come to the rescue for those not schooled in the parking ABCs of specific neighborhoods.
  • The results look at the average number of available spots nearby, not the real-time situation.
  • It’s especially concerning since the driving directions are updated with instant info, yet the parking isn’t.

“When asking for driving directions, the update now includes a circle with a “P” that’s colored either blue (oddly, not green) or red. If the parking is plentiful or decent an “Easy” or “Medium,” will be indicated near the blue dot. If it’s like trying to secure a spot at Bestia without valeting, you’ll see a red dot with “Limited” spelled out.”