Google Maps and Waze Have Created an Enemy – iDrop News

Apps such a Google Maps and Waze are great for knowing what’s going on in your city and knowing what kind of obstacles you may face. But the apps have also created a problem so neighborhoods especially with children, which even though it can be a shortcut to get out of traffic, it can be a dangerous one, and nuisance for the neighbors.

Key Takeaways:

  • Apps like Waze and Google Maps have one goal in common: to find for their users the quickest, most cost- and time-conscious way to get to their final destination.
  • With busy freeways always so highly congested, apps have increasingly been telling users to simply hop off of them, and instead travel through a series of residential streets.
  • Cities have begun redesigning certain roads, or closing them off, altogether, in the hopes that doing so will prevent apps like Waze from recognizing them as “shortcuts.”

“This paradox of wanting to minimize time regardless of what may ensue has in turn created a headache for city planners across the country, as they’ve tried to combat these services from rerouting users through otherwise quiet neighborhoods.”