Google Maps Adds Ride Hailing Price Comparator Feature – Gas 2.0

The world is hustling, and bustling around you. The sound of engines cranking over and over leads you to the smell of the exhaust generated by this action. So much to do on a busy day. Time is running thin. You need a ride. Uber seems to be the best choice over a cab, but as you check where your first location is on Google Maps you see fares for Lyft as well as Uber. The rates are lower, your heart rate increases as you request your ride. You have just stumbled upon the newest advancement of 2016.

Key Takeaways:

  • On Thursday Google announced that it is adding additional ride hailing partners to its Map feature.
  • Previously, only Uber was included in Maps, but now Lyft and Gett will appear side by side with Uber information.
  • Now customers will be able to see quotes from other services and choose the one that costs less.

“On Thursday, Google announced it is adding additional ride hailing partners to its Maps feature.”