Google Maps: A life saver while travelling

Given my exhausting and hectic lifestyle, a vacation was long overdue and I was quite excited to plan a month long vacation with a couple of my closest friends. We planned on having an adventurous experience and so the three of us decided on going to India and Thailand.

We first visited India and from the moment we landed it became grossly obvious we much we had underestimated the exotic nature of the land. Intent on being daredevils, we had not bothered to book a tour guide and my friends and I paid a dear price for not being fluent in Hindi. Very few people spoke English and so getting directions was very difficult. One of my friends actually ended up getting chased by a cow down a busy city street because one of the shop owners thought that we were up to no good!

We were simply dying to see all the temples and the natural scenery. I had not flown a 14 hour flight just to stay in a hotel room. I was not a tech guy and had no idea about the technology in India but I whipped out my cell phone and tried to get directions google. True, the speed was a bit slow but I was thankful for having an extensive data package. As the map loaded I realized that getting directions was going to be a whole lot easier. After a great deal of nodding and pointing, we were able to communicate with the taxi drivers. But was the fuss ever worth it! After getting the directions google we visited the Eri Katha Ramaar Temple, which was about 80 km away from Chennai. We visited a lot more temples in the nearby regions and were simply stunned by the craftmanship. The diversity of Indian culture was awe inspiring and the stories that each of the temples depicted were truely spell binding.

After two weeks, we were a bit disappointed to have to leave India because there were a lot more temples and sights to see. However, next stop was Bangkok. On the bright side, on reaching Bangkok we did not have to face problems due to the language problem. Directions google took care of that. We could easily find the restaurants, shopping malls and hotels we read about in travel blogs and magazines. Then again, directions google enabled us to find the places we didn’t know about. We saw the Grand Palace and needless to say we were very jealous of King Bhumibol Adulyadej! The guy knew how to live in style.

We visited Pattaya, ate a lot of exotic food and even had a good time at the nightclubs. Two of us had the guts to jet-skiing but the other one was scared to death of the water!

Since this was the last stop in our trip we had to do all our shopping here and it was an incredible pleasure to pick out the gifts for our loved ones. True, the Thai are vey shrewd and clever but getting a good bargain was not an impossible task! We really had the chance to get the most out of our trip because we knew that we were doing thanks to directions google.

+Ronald Edwards