Google Earth – a Virtual Tour of our Planet

Google Earth is one of the most innovative applications in internet industry. Available in 44 languages, Google Earth is used by millions of people on a daily basis to seek for directions, places or business locations at a resolution of approximately 15 m per pixel. Featuring a 3d environment, Google Earth is a virtual tour provider for any e-traveler keen on discovering new locations and new events taking place around the world. Google Earth is lately used for weather forecasting, virtual exploration of the Moon and Mars and you can find more information about all these places by clicking You Tube or Wikipedia links related to them and strategically added to a specific location dot on the map.

Learning with Google Earth

Either an experienced user or a beginner, Google Earth is offering tremendous opportunities to learn new things by making available a range of tutorials helping you manage and control new data and information. In this view, you can perfect your knowledge by following the latest Google Earth tutorials on: Street View, 3D Trees, Historical Imagery, Navigation, Searching for Places, Drawing and Measuring, Placemarks and Tours, Exploring Mars, Moon and Sky or Tour of Moon in Google Earth. Also there are advanced tutorials for understanding and using Google Earth: Recording a Tour, Importing KML, KMZ and GPS Data or Geotagging Photos. If you follow a civil engineer or architecture career, 3D Buildings tutorials will be of a great help for you; so be prepared and follow one of the latest tutorials released in this field: Intro to Google Building Maker, Create 3D models with SketchUp, Geo-modelling with SketchUp and Building Maker or Modelling with Site Context.

Google Earth Technology and Maritime Fleet Management

GlobalView, a fleet management system of Applied Weather Technology, announced the launching of a Google Earth technology based application, enhancing ship routing identification and by this way helping shipping companies to reduce fuel consumption, monitor safety aspects and be timely informed about the course of their ships.

Google Earth and Geo-Wiki, interactive guardians of the environment
Geo – Wiki, in collaboration with Google Earth have lately developed an internet tool providing accurate information on global forest cover and global land use. An ecological oriented tool, the web application developed is trying to touch the global sensitivity on environment protection by involving an interactive system of data base contributors. Basically it encourage participation of all people to a better monitoring of how earth is changing and get people involved in this crucial issue of global climate change and biodiversity conservation.

Bathymetry, the new Google Earth tool for discovering our oceans floor
In 2006 overlapping data sets leaded to the conclusion that long lost Atlantis has been rediscovered. However, the information was lately infirmed by Google Earth invoking the abovementioned overlapping error. This event challenged Google Earth developers to create a more accurate system for inspecting the ocean floor called bathymetry.

Therefore, in collaboration with entities like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Scripps Institution of Oceanography or the US Navy, Google Earth is on the way to finally give an answer regarding one of the most famous ancient world’s mysteries: where exactly was Atlántida? Was it in the Atlantic or in the Mediterranean Sea? Hopefully Google Earth will finally give us an answer.

+Ronald Edwards