Going to Florida On Vacation from Ohio

Every year my family and I travel on a vacation to spend time together. Every years it seems that we always pick a place that is farther and farther away from our home. This year we picked Vero Beach Florida. Now we live in a small town about 45 minutes from Cleveland Ohio. That means that we now had a two day trip on our hands, over a thousand miles each way.

Each we contemplate taking a plane. My oldest daughter is absolutely petrified of flying and it is never any use to try to convince her that the plane will not crash and we will make it there in one piece. So yet again she stated that she would not come if we flew so we were now forced to drive…again.

Last year my husband used his fancy new GPS to get us to Kentucky and needless to say I could have found a lot better ways to spend the $200 that it cost. We got lost more times that I can count. The GPS was telling us to take “u” turns, which are often illegal, and it was constantly recalculating. We spent more time arguing then we did anything else on that vacation. This year I decided to print out directions to insure that we would actually have an enjoyable vacation.

The morning that we left I logged into my yahoo email account and saw that yahoo offers maps and directions. I decided that yahoo maps and directions would probably be a much safer bet then my husbands $200 piece of plastic. Yahoo maps and directions was so helpful and easy to use right from the beginning. I was able to see where we had tolls to pay so I could prepare ahead, something that his GPS did not warn us of and needless to say that created an argument when we spent ten minutes digging change out of the car to pay the toll.

Throughout our trip we saw many wonderful things. The kids were completely amazed at the farms that we passed and loved seeing the horses and cows. We got to go through two tunnels, which the kids tried to hold their breath through. Thanks to yahoo maps and directions we were finally able to make it to our location without any major complications and without getting lost at all.

Our two day trip stayed perfectly on schedule and we were able to check into our hotel at the 3 p.m. check in time. We have never had that happen in all the years that we have gone on vacation, we were always running behind schedule. Yahoo maps and directions made sure that there was no possible way that we could get lost or behind schedule. The directions even seemed to put us on a scenic route. All the farms and palm trees that we saw in our travels made the long drive super enjoyable and that is priceless to a family with children when there is a two day drive to complete.

+Ronald Edwards