Getting Ready For My Trip To Miami

I’m getting ready for my trip to Miami for the Market America convention. I usually just relay on my garmin GPS unit, but I like to print out maps from google maps just in case something goes wrong (like my GPS unit quits). I live in clearwater, fl and it take about 5 hours or so to get there; but we’re leaving in the morning around 6 am.

I still can’t believe how much the hotels cost in downtown Miami! The thing is that I like to travel a lot, and I get spoiled by the cheap rates in most cities, especially¬†Las Vegas. I actully found a 600 square ft. siute for $35 a night! (that reminds me, I’m going there in March, so I have to reserve my room pretty soon)¬†Anyway, the weather in Miami is great for this time of year, it’s February and it’s in the high 70s.

Wish me luck! I hate long drives like this one, but at least I’ll have someone else to help. A lot of successful people will be at the convention, and I love my Market America business because of the freedom it has afforded me. I’ll come back and post once it’s over to tell you the details of my trip.

+Ronald Edwards