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Get to know the all-new, much-improved Maps app in iOS 10 – Macworld

Apple iOS 10 maps are dynamic and new. With features that help find gas, or food and turn by turn directions maps is sure to be a useful new feature we will all come to love and rely on. With the watch integration you can get a “tap” when its time for your next turn so you never miss it. No matter how distracted you are.

Key Takeaways:

  • The new MAPS app has been greatly improved for use in IOS10
  • Key features of the new MAPS app include intelligence (e.g. suggestive search responses) and integration of features such as Ride (shared ride services) and Opentable restaurant reservation
  • There are also a slough of handy features that you can use while traveling, including one that helps you find your parked car

“”When you open Maps, you’re even presented with a couple of predictive suggestions, like how long it would take you to drive to work, or to get home.””