GC student creates maps to help Tanzanian village – The Union-Recorder

A Georgia College student traveled to Africa and created maps for a village in Tanzania. These people said they were in dire need of better roads, and Jessica Craig decided that she would mark every spot via GPS that could be worked on. She believes that this may be the first physical map to ever exist of the region.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Georgia College student has created a project with the potential to help a community more than half a world away.
  • Craigg plans to send the finished product to her study abroad program in Mto wa Mbu, in the hopes that the local government will be spurred to action in fixing the roads.
  • For four hours a day stretched out over the course of a week, Craigg undertook the painstaking task of mapping every unfinished road in Mto wa Mbu.

“In her study of geography and the natural world, GC geography and environmental science double major Jessica Craigg has always been fascinated by the relationship between people and their surroundings.”