Garmin GPS system really helped me

Last year I went to Australia with my cousin. I am from Fiji Islands and I have a handful of family memebers and friends who are migrated and settled in Australia. Australia is so big and the roads are so complicated that i had no idea where exactly i was. The roads seemed not to end only. While Fiji is a small place and I am well versed with places and roads in Fiji. We went out with my family members and sometimes with the friends where ever we went. They cared to take us to all the tourists oddies and offbeats of Sydney. We were in Sydney for almost two weeks.

On the 8th day in sydney me and my cousin were alone at a family’s place while they had gone to work. We were really getting bored inside the apartment. We then decided to go out and check out the city ourselves. It was good being out ourselves. We went to the big big malls, had train ride and walked along the streets with huge bulding. The city looked like a jungle of concrete. Having lot of fun together, my eyes went on my wrist watch. It was almost five hours since we were out so we decided to go back home to the apartment. We were walking and walking but coudn’t still reach home. We were totally lost in the city. Upon asking some people we came to know that we were really far from home.

We sat on a bench in a park and decided to call the family members and tell them that we were lost. But then they would get angry on us and that we might bother them, we decided not to tell anyone. My cousin browsed her mobile and came to the navigation icon. She had had heard about it but never applied it in real. She had GPS in her mobile so she started the navigator and everything became clear where we were and where exactly we had to go. We followed the navigator and finally reached home. Upon reaching home we discovered that still nobody had come from work.

My cousin went to take a nap, but I couldn’t rest. I sat at the table and browsed the net to see how Garmin gps works because it has just saved us from any accidents or scolding from family. I was impressed with Garmin gps system and wanted to know everything about it. Garmin gps is a satellite based navigation system having a network of twenty four orbiting satellites which help navigate. Generally the Garmin gps system was designed to military purposes but now it is for the civilians too. Garmin gps is a great tool which you can have on the computer, in your car or in your mobile fone, etc. This new technology comes handy when you have lost your way, find a place or find someone. Garmin has made travelling easier with global positioning system. Life couldn’t have been better. I really enjoyed the trip to Australia.

+Ronald Edwards