From Recycling to #MadeinDakar, Senegal’s Capital Maps Route to Resilience – Voice of America

Dakar, the capital of Senegal has released a strategy to promote Urban resilience through the Rockefellar Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Network. Plans include education children at a young age about environmental responsibility and to install a city-wide recycling program. The program hopes to change the behavior of the city’s citizens to enact change.

Key Takeaways:

  • The rapidly growing city, which juts out into the Atlantic, is Africa’s first to publish such a strategy in partnership with the 100 Resilient Cities .
  • The resilience plan includes projects in five priority areas: civic engagement, health and sanitation, private-sector partnerships, energy efficiency and inclusive governance.
  • One idea is to introduce the concept of resilience in early education, teaching children about environmental responsibility and what it means to be a citizen.

“Senegal’s capital Dakar aims to boost its ability to weather floods, disease, unemployment and other shocks through a wide-reaching strategy for urban resilience unveiled on Thursday.”