Friends you meet studying abroad

Friends who you have from Study Abroad elevate friendship to another level. It is not just about the experiences that you may have in common, but mostly it is about the frame of mind you are in. While your “normal” friends may find comfort the excitement that comes to them, the friends you made while studying abroad will multiply the intensity of your relationship. Find out more about what sets your study abroad friends apart.

Key Takeaways:

  • Item 6: In your normal group of friends there was one person who was the “mom” and who took care of the group. In your overseas friends, this role is shared amongst the group, as each takes turns taking care of the others.
  • Item 5: Your normal friends understand your language, gestures, etc. Your overseas friends, no matter how fluent, are not going to naturally know the way you express yourself, and half the fun is finding ways to communicate with each other.
  • Item 4: Normal friends feel impulsive when they get last minute movie tickets on a Friday night. Overseas friends enjoy making spontaneous plans.

“”Normal friends get your language, your slang, and your gestures. Communication is a non-issue. Your study abroad friends navigate through life with you in a language none of you speak very well. You laugh as you quickly realize you don’t know how to tip, when someone tells you it’s rude to make the peace sign, and when the bus system you thought you had figured out took you on a detour two hours in the wrong direction.””