Formula One Swaps Out ‘Grid Girls’ for ‘Grid Kids’

Starting Season 2018, Formula One will no longer use grid girls, but “grid kids”. This was done because the term ‘grid girls’ seemed to be derogatory towards women. Formula One Fants will be allowed to walk onto the track and meet drivers now based on a lottery winning. Grid Kids are expected to allow the youth to meet their idols.

Key Takeaways:

  • -times have changed and caused a new adoption of racing terms involving “Grid Girls” as the perception is that it no longer aligns with the brand, and a new direction will be taken
  • To be perceived as more PC and to depart from “objectifying women”, the new implementation involves allowing kids to enter the track area to meet with F1 drivers
  • Kids involved in karting or racing leagues will be the only applicants selected, but the goal is to allow them to visit and realize what it’s like to be a part of professional racing

“Don’t worry, the FIA hasn’t endorsed putting children into semi-revealing clothing. Instead, it’s allowing young fans to walk out onto the track and briefly meet drivers as they enter their cars.”