Ford Explorer Recall Blamed on a Very Specific Mud

If you have a Ford Explorer don’t ignore this recall because they usually happen when a vehicle is seen to be unsafe and the company wants to make it right. Ignoring it could be dangerous. Mud messing up a car doesn’t seem to bad but it can be so definitely look into this.

Key Takeaways:

  • Normally, a safety recall concerns an intrinsic defect found in a vehicle and, barring some regional temperature-related issues, usually covers units sold throughout the country.
  • Ford of Canada has announced the recall of nearly 21,000 2013-2017 Explorer and Police Interceptor Utility models, but only in three western provinces.
  • It also makes a hard mud that’s adept at building up in various nooks and crannies. The region’s largely agricultural nature means there’s plenty of unpaved roads and no shortage of mud and dust clinging to vehicles.

“Ford’s recall concerns the replacement of the Explorer’s rear suspension toe links, which Ford claims can be damaged by the region’s signature mud.”