Elio Motors Given An Extension To Bring Its Three-Wheeled Vehicle To Life

Its time for the future of cars and to bring this future to the forefront is the new and revolutionary car made by Elio Motors. This car has some pretty interesting features and is three wheeled. Elio still has a lot of debt to pay off but soon enough we may see this car out on the road.

Key Takeaways:

  • When faced with a major deadline dilemma, the founder of Elio managed to squeeze out a deadline, in an effort to open a building that employs at least 1500 employees, AND makes three wheel cars.
  • Although Elio is behind on payments, by a hefty amount (over 1.5 million), some see that it isn’t a lost cause, and the extention was warranted and much deserved. $376 million is needed for startup.
  • Although Elio owes 1.75 million dollars to RACER, they have one year on this extention. The hope is that Elio receives 25 million dollars in funding, so they can pay this back .

“”Elio has managed to secure an extension to bring that dream to fruition””