Electric Cars Are Nice, but Audi Customers Still Demand V8s

Electric cars may be the way of the future, but high-end luxury vehicles will still have the option of the V8. High end buyers are willing to pay additional for the engine configuration. This article focuses mainly on the Audi V8 and its place in the future of automotive production and its ongoing competition with other luxury performance brands.

Key Takeaways:

  • Big-money buyers want big power and, while that increasingly means the latest in twin-turbocharged, downsized wonderengines, it isn’t always so.
  • Speaking to Automotive News Europe, Peter Mertens, who arrived at his post from Volvo earlier this year, has heard his company’s customers loud and clear.
  • However, one thing won’t be as quick to disappear. And it’s something as American as apple pie, but apparently lusted after across the globe.

“Audi can’t wait to challenge Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Jaguar in the premium electric car race, but there’s no way its customers would agree to the disappearance of a proper eight-cylinder gasoline engine”