Driving over to San Fransisco using map quest

Living in California was always one of my dreams and when I was finally able to move there from the Philippines, I knew right away that I was going to have trouble with directions. I told my girlfriend to get the directions on map quest so that we can get used to the roads and we would go on a one week tour around Northern California. The trip was planned out and I was really excited to see everything that the cities had to offer. Map quest was certainly going to be my best friend for the next few days.

San Francisco

We started the trip off in the city by the bay and I was anxious to see everything that the city had to offer. We were lost at first when we started to hit the winding roads but I ended up finding my way to Fisherman’s Wharf. This was apparently the city’s top tourist spot and it really was a sight to see. When I ended up driving to ocean beach with my girlfriend, we were able to take some of the best pictures that we have ever seen. There was one time where we ended up getting lost and she was able to guide me back on track.

The East Bay

We then started to head over to the East Bay and this is where things started to get more exciting. We would never get lost in the East Bay as it was fairly straightforward. The map quest directions were very easy and they helped us get to the Oracle arena to watch a Warriors game. I ended up becoming a big Warriors fan and it was certainly a thrill to watch my very first NBA game. After the game we drove over to the Richmond Country Club to play a round of golf with one of my old golfing buddies. This was certainly a great trip in the East Bay and I started to love it here.


After the first few days in the Bay Area, we decided to drive up to Sacramento. Though Sacramento was not that exciting, it was still a good drive up there. I was getting used to the directions and the people were very nice when we would go down and talk to the locals. I really felt at home in Sacramento but it was just too quiet for me, so I ended up deciding to move to San Francisco.

When we settled down in the Richmond area, I realized that I already knew where to go and how to get from point A to B. Since I worked in the San Francisco area, I still used map quest to get me to work for the first few days but I was able to get there with no more troubles. I am just really thankful for map quest and that my girlfriend and I were able to take a one week trip around the Bay Area to get used to the directions.

+Ronald Edwards