Driving Map

How much difference does a driving map make for a vacation? A good, readable driving map can mean the difference between reaching your destination and ending up lost and even in danger. It can mean the difference between having a calm peaceful vacation and having a frustrating, unfulfilling trip. How can one simple driving map make such a huge difference? Consider Family A and Family B, two sample families with very different travel philosophies.

Family A is taking a vacation to their favorite theme park. Because the father of the family wanted to plan the perfect family trip, he took the time to visit a mapping website and enter his itinerary. The site printed out turn by turn instructions, not just to his final destination but to every hotel and restaurant the family planned to use on the way there. The family loaded in their minivan and had no problem finding every stop thanks to clear and simple directions and their printed driving map. They arrived at the theme park well rested and well fed, exactly on schedule and ready to have a vacation they would all remember.

Family B didn’t think they needed a driving map, so they didn’t visit any mapping sites. As soon as they started on their trip, they encountered problems. The father couldn’t find the hotel they reserved on the first night, and the family used half of a tank of gas and most of their patience driving in circles near the freeway off ramp. The next day, they became lost when the highway was closed for repaving and they had no driving map to plan an alternative route. Their whole trip was full of mishaps and false starts, all of which could have been prevented by a simple, free driving map. They arrived at the theme park a day late and thoroughly miserable.

Does your family need a driving map on their next vacation? It depends on what family you want to be and which vacation appeals to you. If you enjoy the spontaneous approach, you can count on your vacation resembling that of Family B. If you want the calm, well planned trip that Family A had, you too will need a driving map.

Where can you find your driving map? Just like Family A, you can visit any of the many mapping websites out there. Although they offer a variety of different features, all of the mainstream sites will allow you to create an itinerary and print a detailed list of directions and driving map. Soon, you too will be prepared for the vacation of your dreams.

What a difference a driving map makes! If you want to be Family A and avoid becoming Family B, all it takes is a little planning to make your dreams come true. Mapping websites are free, user friendly, and available from any computer, cell phone, or mobile device. The only thing keeping you from the vacation of your dreams is a few moments spent getting an accurate and reliable driving map.