Driving Directions – Advantages and Limitations

Advantages and limitations of driving directions provided by various websites like yahoo, Google, MapQuest, Bing.
Planning Driving directions is a great travel planning tool for your holidays. It offers ready help to navigate on places you want to go to how you reach there. The tool is available on various websites like hotels, restaurants, travel planner & review. It offers a holistic view on what you need on a travel trip. The direction features are plugged into other websites in an open manner offering complementary services like shopping, restaurants, places of interests.  It saves time, fuel and costs for the users who seek a hassle free journey.
Navigation and ease of use
The biggest advantage is ease of use and the directions are available for various geographies. As the user keys in the locations, they are offered as suggestions while they type. Multiple options on routes with distance and detailed navigation steps including turns, mode of transport like walking, public transport is offered on the websites. The sites offer street level view on various modes like traffic, satellite etc. You can select multiple destinations and get the route on the map.
Driving directions are available on the move through smart phones. If you are missed on the way the device location identified through the mobile network to provide you the right directions.  There are specialized devices like GPS trackers available that can be handy for drivers.
Accuracy (time and real world conditions)
Travel Time prediction depends on the condition of the road and traffic at that point of time. The sites may miss some of the real time information like road work, closure and others that block traffic. The other limitations include weather and accidents that may slow down the traffic. The tool is still maturing for developing countries (especially Asia) and may not yield accurate results