Driving A Stick Shift Car: Should You Do It?

A stick shift car, otherwise known as a manual car can be good when you want to save some fuel per miles you spend driving on the road. Consequently, a stick shift could prove tricky if you are anticipating distractions in your car, such as loud children, rowdy passengers, et cetera. In essence, drivers that have stick shift cars are often more focused and have more control over their gear changes.

Key Takeaways:

  • The vast majority of people getting a driver’s license for the very first time are probably only familiar with seeing the automatic gear shift
  • Driving manually means that at certain moments indicated by the sound of the engine and a display on the car called a tachometer, you change the gears.
  • Driving manually is a much more focused, attention demanding activity.

“f you’re old enough to get a driving license, you’re taking all the steps you need to in order to secure that all important piece of paper, hopefully, you’re doing the right thing and taking the time to pick out a good driving school.”