Driver’s Ed Online: What’s The Advantage?

There might be an advantage to taking driver’s ed courses online. Doing it online gives you a lot more freedom. You are more responsible when you do it online too because you have to go over everything yourself and you aren’t guided much. That can be too much for some people. It is much more convenient though, since people are busy.

Key Takeaways:

  • That’s why I’m here; to lay out the pros (and cons) of online driver’s ed classes so you can decide for yourself what’s best for your child
  • Online driver’s ed, however, provides the exact same criteria and opportunities as a classroom taught driving class would.
  • Many online classes available allow you to schedule with an actual driving instructor to teach them if you’d rather not

“I get it; though the internet is vast and wondrous, in-class driver’s ed is so ingrained in the way of the world that it’s difficult to accept that anything could be better.”