Driven: The World’s Most Busted-Out, Michelin-Tire-Testing BMW M3

In order to test tires for the retail market, they often have to be tested the old fashioned way, on a racetrack. The Michelin Performance Tires are specifically tested on a BMW M3. It was specifically used for it’s lightweight qualities. The car, no longer used was a classic and a workhorse, learn more about it here.

Key Takeaways:

  • The CSL, as it is sometimes called, got the stiffer European suspension, a shorter 3:23:1 final drive, forged wheels, and hand-picked S50B30 engines good for a claimed 240 horsepower.
  • This car, even as ragged as it has become, continues to broadcast the status of a tire’s contact patch with crystal-clear five-by-five signal quality. Compared with a modern car, the big steering wheel feels slow in hand, but for every inch the wheels turn, they return yards of feedback.
  • If going quickly in the wet is any indication of how good a car is, know that this 22-year-old BMW still holds the Track 3 record.

“From behind the wheel, it is clear why Michelin selected this M3 as its benchmark.”