Direction Websites and Driving Tips

Google Maps:
Google maps is set up the same way at yahoo maps. You can find the maps on the Google website. Once you access the maps you can find a location or driving directions. At Google maps though, you can find walking,public transit, bycicle, or driving directions. Google maps also had photos of each site to let you know where exactly where are, even if you have never been there. The pictures are shown by street and intersection.

Once of the first driving directions website online. Its one of the popular sites to to go. You start just as you would with with Google and Yahoo. You type in the place you want to go either a location and driving directions. Once you type in your address. It will then show you a map and written directions. They have also come with mapquest vibe. A new feature where you can find attractions located in area where you are traveling to. They feature places such as bars, movies, and restaurants.

GPS systems are sold separately or on most smart phones
GPS makes driving directions a lot easier then using websites because they tell you step by step voice directions and lets you know when you have reached your destination. GPS systems are sold at many electronic or phone stores.

Having a AAA membership can help with driving directions they have maps books and TripTiks available at your fingertips. By having a membership at AAA you can plan a trip with their help of getting you where you need to be. They have a feature called a TripTik that comes as a book and each page show a portion of the map of what street or highway you need to go. A AAA representative will highlight the roads you need to take to get to your destination. AAA also has books on what you can do once you get to your destination. If you were planning a trip to Disney World it would show you what hotels are great to go to and other attractions in the area.

By going to these places and websites you definitely find your way and get adaquate driving directions and get you where you need to go without any trouble!

+Ronald Edwards