Cushing home to maps of fantasy worlds – Texas A&M The Battalion

There are many fantasy worlds in novels and movies. They include Middle Earth, Narnia and so many more. Fantasy is a rich genre with a lot to it. Some of these worlds have maps you can look at for entertainment or to help you understand the worlds and how they’re being used.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cushing Library houses the world’s second largest collection of science fiction and fantasy works, including first edition novels of J.R.R Tolkien and manuscripts by George R.R. Martin.
  • “Worlds Imagined” contains many unique maps, including works directly from the authors and fanart.
  • Guest lecturer Priscilla Spencer, a fantasy cartographer, said that maps should feel like they come from the world they are displaying.

“Maps can do more than inspire nostalgia or curiosity of a new world. David Carlson, dean of University Libraries, said maps provide a different perspective on the fantasy world.”