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Collaboration, Safety and Stewardship on the St. Lawrence Seaway

Lawrence Seaways 59th route season, attends to Walk 20 at St. Since 2009, the Holy person Lawrence Seaway Improvement Partnership has contributed $120 million through our Advantage Recharging Program, and together with the SLSMC, we have put countless dollars in reconstructing and enhancing our bolt and channel framework. What is more noteworthy is that since 2009, open and private Extraordinary Lakes Seaway partners have put nearly $7 billion dollars in capital speculations. Before the finish of the 2017 route season, the Canadian Seaway will have completely sent the new, best in class Without hands Mooring innovation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Collaboration of U.S. and Canadian Seaway has lead to a dramatic increase of infrastructure.
  • From 2009-2016, the average number of ocean-vessel incidents along the St. Lawrence Seaway has dropped nearly 60 percent.
  • Due to increased vessel inspections and ballast water management regulations, there have been no confirmed introduction of a ballast-related invasive species since 2006.

“The success we will see this year along the seaway system is a direct result of strong public and private-sector commitments to cultivate an environment of collaboration, safety and environmental stewardship.”