Clinton vs. Trump Electoral College Maps: How Each Could Win – Heavy.com

In a presidential race, the popular vote should win the race but that isn’t always true. In fact, most of the race comes down to the Electoral College to see who will really win the race. To view a look at the election as it could turn out, you might want to check out the Electoral College Maps and how each can win right here in this article.

Key Takeaways:

  • An ABC/Washington Post poll found that Donald Trump was leading Hillary Clinton by 1 percent.
  • The next day she was leading also in the margin of error. Some have questioned that poll’s credibility because it shows a huge swing for Trump in the past week.
  • However, it’s the electoral college math that really matters. And that math, based on recent polling in battleground states as of October 31, and captured in this 270toWin map, shows Trump has a very tough pathway toward victory.

“Before looking at some maps that show a Trump pathway to surprise upset victory, let’s consider the most likely scenario based on current polling as of November 3 Clinton wins the electoral college. National and battleground state polling has been tightening.”