Check out our maps and analysis comparing 2016’s presidential and congressional results by district – Daily Kos

If you’re interested in politics at all you’ll enjoy this. It provides maps of the different congressional districts. It also shows how the 2016 votes went. There is analysis to show how the different districts voted and how it impacted the outcomes of the elections. They’re easy to read. Maps are a good visual way to compare.

Key Takeaways:

  • Daily Kos Elections recently published the last remaining state in our project to calculate the 2016 presidential election result for all 435 congressional districts.
  • Regular geographic maps like the one seen at the top of this story tend to unfairly obscure cities with high population density and overemphasize sparsely populated rural areas.
  • To account for that, we’ve also created cartogram versions of every map (like the one seen below) that display every district equally sized to give you a much better sense of proportions.

“we’ll compare the presidential race with the congressional contest in each district to get a better idea of which House members outperformed their party’s presidential nominee, and which lagged behind—and could therefore struggle in 2018.”