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Follow the Current: Infiniti to Launch Its First EV in 2021

Infiniti working on its own electric vehicle. The current plan is to bring it to market for 2021. They are going all in with this plan, making most models either hybrid or electric by that year. The SUV seems to be the only exception to that rule, probably due to engine or body issues and … Read More

2019 Acura RDX Prototype Debuts in Detroit

Acura showcased its latest crossover SUV at Detroit this week. While it already has two lines (and the now defunct ZDX) it is pushing for this line as well. It also says prototype, but the reviewer is confident it will be a future model for 2019 instead of just a concept car, with Acura showcasing … Read More

Achates Power Brings an Efficiency Revolution To Detroit

Achates Power is a leader in many ways and wants to start their own efficiency revolution. Their team has designed a new diesel engine that should be the envy of many. Automotive manufacturers have taken notice and want to use the engine themselves. Achates Power plans to bring the diesel engine to a show in … Read More

2019 Hyundai Veloster – N Stands for Next

Hyundai showcased its newest Veloster in Detroit this week. The N model is their newest entry, set to be a sporty model in comparison to the rest of the line with extra torque, maneuverability and even a rear spoiler. A hatchback is typically a fun car, so they are hoping this will join other fun … Read More

Sky’s the Limit: Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept in Detroit

Lexus introduced a gold crossover in Detroit, Lexus is hoping this model will be hit with those that want it. Calling this prototype a “molten katana” they are excited about the lines and smooth edges that it brings to the market. The powertrain is not really talked about, so performance and handling are tough to … Read More

2019 Toyota Avalon: Open Wide for a Modern, and More Aggressive Boulevard Cruiser

Toyota is going all in on a full size for some reason. While the car market has been shrinking, especially for larger cars with poor gas mileage, they instead are repeating the same car that they have since 1995. The one major addition is a larger grill that seems to radiate across the front as … Read More

2019 Kia Forte Sedan: Vastly Improved But Unlikely to Best the Hatchback

Kia’s latest model is about what you expect for a Kia. The Forte, designed for the entry-level buyer, will get some of the expectations you have in a car targeted the youth, including lots of touch screens, but it also boasts increased fuel economy, something that environmental conscious young adults will surely love. 2019 Kia … Read More

What’s Better Than 4G? 5G! And Kia’s Got It, at CES

Kia is working on a 5G network for people to connect to its vehicles. The Korean car manufacturer is looking ahead to the future where connected cars is the norm. In order to get to their goals, Kia is pioneering work on strengthening its network connections. While current cars connect to 3G and 4G networks, … Read More

British Invasion, Part 2: Jaguar Land Rover Sales Soar in U.S., No Thanks to Cars

British cars are surging in America, but not necessarily the car. Both Jaguar and Land Rover have made huge strides over the past year, but this is strictly due to the large SUVs, crossovers, or wagon models that are put out by the companies. The F type was a bust selling an extra 1% in … Read More

Kia Promises to Commercialize Level 4 Autonomous Cars by 2021

Kia is bring its big game to market and promising autonomous cars by 2021. It’s going all with what they call “level 4” or a car that can handle regular driving if the human is incapacitated. This is a huge step forward for a company not necessarily known for its innovation in the market. By … Read More