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Explore High Definition Lunar Maps Online

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has been snapping high resolution images of the moon since 2009. Now you can see 10 to 100 million year old volcanos, mountains, etc from your home computer. More information is provided here –> New lunar maps let you explore the moon from your couch With the ultra-sharp images, and complete coverage of the … Read More

Why Are Some People Are Born To Travel? – When Others Choose To Stay Home

You probably already know them,  the people who love to travel. And then there are those that never want to leave their town. Turns out, it’s a gene causing it. Which one are you? Here’s more on the subject. –> Link To The Full Article <– – – – – –

“Walking Dead” Zombie Cruise Date Set For January 2016

    If a cruise is in your vacation plans, and you are a fan of the Walking Dead, you might want to consider the “Zombie Cruise”. It’s scheduled to leave in January from the port of Miami.  There will also be stars from the TV show itself..  Read The Full Article Here –> Zombie … Read More