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Lightning Lap 11.5: The Ford GT Is Our New VIR Lap-Time King! [w/ Video, of Course]

The Ford GT is the latest of power cars built for performance. The car came in as the fastest on this straight away track and impressed the reviewer. While he couldn’t quite figure out if it is a European performance car or an American muscle car, either way he enjoyed it and wanted more. This … Read More

2018 Kia Stinger 2.0T AWD Tested: The Four Doesn’t Bore

The 2018 Stinger is a new and upcoming car and that is being discussed here. They go over the pros and cons and also their test drive with the two new stingers. After reading the articles, the authors give the impression that they are very doubtful of the stinger. The list of some reasons being … Read More

2018 BMW X3 M40i Tested: Quick and with a Bit of Old BMW

The new BMW X3 M40i has all of the modern amenities BMW offers with a nostalgic twist. It has a six cylinder engine that outperforms former models and it’s competitors but also is comfortable to ride in on even the roughest terrain. It’s old school features include a thinner steering heel and easy to navigate … Read More

Car Brands Are Trying Everything To Stay Relevant, Including 2000+HP Boats

While we may think electric vehicles are the next new thing, car companies are going for the boat market instead. Cigarette has been making boats for years but now they are incorporating large engines from auto manufacturers, much like Rolls Royce and the plane industry. Where this will go is tough to tell at this … Read More

2017 McLaren 570GT Tested: Making the Daily Drive Special

See the 2017 McLaren 570GT make an appearance on the test track. That has helped people enjoy the daily drive for all it is worth. The performance vehicle has some incredible features that car drivers want to see. There are McLaren dealerships that now accept Bitcoin currency from their customers. Key Takeaways: Most people know … Read More

Misfit Machines: Ilin VALEM TA6 Amamit

This odd car was designed in Israel by Renault. it is a fairly ugly car, almost looking like it is made out of scrap and being too practical for its own good. It came out of the post-war Israeli market, looking for a more practical car that would never win in looks but could be … Read More

Mercedes will pattern launch of new A-class sedan in the U.S. after the CLA rollout, says U.S. boss Dietmar Exler

Mercedes is ready to launch a new A class sedan in the United States. Their U.S. boss is Dietmar Exler and he has some insight to offer to car buyers. Expect a hefty price tag for the luxury vehicle as it arrives on the scene. The Detroit auto show was a great testing ground for … Read More

Nissan’s Z May Not Be Dead Yet

Nissan is a respectable car manufacturer and has some excellent projects in the future. Some thought that Nissan Z was a dead project that had failed. But others hope that the 10 year old car model has a great future lined up too. Nissan has not given up on the 370 Z model, so fans … Read More

2018 Honda Fit Tested in Depth: Practically Dazzling

The 2018 Honda Fit is ready to wow audiences with its performance. Take a look at the vehicle and some of the specs that it has to offer. The new model has safety features and other aspects that need to be seen. It is possible to buy the 2018 Honda Fit with a manual gearbox … Read More

Ask Jack: A Real Pain In the RS?

A small car with a growing family doesn’t always make sense. The Focus RS is one of those cars that though small can still work but you have to be aware of the limitations and maybe make it the 2nd car. The work car, not the Honda Odyssey people mover that typically works with bigger … Read More