Carlos Tavares stays on track

Carlos Tavares is a man among cars. He’s a man among men among cars as well. He was chosen to lead what has become one of the top two auto manufacturers in Europe in 2014. As a racing enthusiast, he can genuinely connect with his employees at PSA. Boosted morale and good management have translated into winning returns for both Tavares and the company.

Key Takeaways:

  • Racing is a team performance, and that’s the same thing in the company. Being the boss means that you need everybody to support you to get the job done.
  • In racing, you cannot lose your temper. In the company, it’s the same: The more critical the situation is, the more calm you need to be.
  • My job as CEO is not to give engineers direction. My job is to ensure that each person can unleash his full potential inside the company.

“With more than 500 races under his belt over 37 years, there’s hardly an on-track condition or situation that the 58-year-old Tavares hasn’t experienced.”