Car Brands Are Trying Everything To Stay Relevant, Including 2000+HP Boats

While we may think electric vehicles are the next new thing, car companies are going for the boat market instead. Cigarette has been making boats for years but now they are incorporating large engines from auto manufacturers, much like Rolls Royce and the plane industry. Where this will go is tough to tell at this time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Traditional car companies are struggling to maintain their brands and images in the fact of trends such as electrification.
  • As such, the automakers are taking risks on different marketing and brand-building techniques that go beyond their usual areas of focus.
  • Mercedes in particular has sought to promote the AMG brand by a collaboration with boatmaker Cigarette, with the result being a 41-foot, 2000-horsepower yacht.

“Cigarette and AMG have been collaborating on these co-branded boats for a while, typically to the confusion of onlookers who assume the boats must have AMG engines.”