BMW Raided in German Cartel Investigation, Daimler Seeks Immunity

Despite some rather serious accusations, nothing really came of the cartel investigation. We were beginning to wonder if it was much ado about nothing. But Germany’s antitrust officials hadn’t forgotten — they were simply biding their time during preliminary investigations into corporate collusion and price-fixing. Earlier this week, they made their big move and raided BMW’s headquarters.

Key Takeaways:

  • BMW is accused of running a cartel mob like conditions
  • Investigation into Volkswagen but they are being more forward with information than BMW
  • BMW is trying to make these investigations look like just normal inspections

“With many auto executives still under the microscope for diesel emission manipulation, combined with inter-familial strife between the Piech and Porsche clans, Germany’s auto industry was starting to resemble a PG version of the film Goodfellas — with a dash of Dallas, for flavor.”