BMW eyes global luxury crown again with 8-series concept

BMW is a classic brand in luxury cars with rising sales numbers. BMW’s classic rival, Mercedes-Benz, has a well-regarded offering (the S-class coupe) that sells for a six-figure sum. While BMW also has models that go for six figures, the company has recently made moves to compete with the S-class directly. BMW has announced plans for an “8 series”, aiming for a product that combines performance and luxury in a full-size vehicle. This is a shift from the company’s recent focus on more compact models, and is a welcome addition to the lineup for many BMW fans. Expectations are high for the new 8 series.

Key Takeaways:

  • BMW is reviving its 8 series with a new, more luxurious look
  • This new 8 series will blend together luxury and superior engineering
  • In an effort to compete with Mercedes, BMW is trying to solidify its standing as a brand of luxury vehicles

“BMW did not disclose pricing for the 8 series.”